boo you suck (ugh___whore) wrote in modelsdaily,
boo you suck

Jessica Stam

Here are a few runway shots of Jessica Stam from the 2006 season so far.

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i was wondering what her name was.. i see her picture everywhere.
aaww i love ♥
she's so pale. her complexion is like..pasty?
yeah i think so too.. but her make up is fully caked on..
shes got amazing eyes though
yeah makes me feel better loll


12 years ago

God, I miss her red hair so badly. *mourns* I mean, she's still gorgeous but the red hair was perfection.
I second that!
me toooo!
They are nice, but i miss the red hair too.
She looks beautiful with the long wavy, blonde hair. She should wear it like that more often.

I think she looks a lot more msierable on the runways in the last couple of seasons then she used to... anyone else notice this? She used to look so spunky.
I've noticed this too. Not only in Stam, but Gemma Ward. It's as if they're gradually losing their innocence right before our eyes.
the last one is very kate moss
Gosh, I love her arms
does anyone knoe where i could get more pics of the last pic??
shes really cute